5 thoughts on “TKR-850 and MMDVM Integration Details”

  1. Thanks for the post. I’m trying to use a TKR-850 V1 with MMDVM and a ZUM 1.1 modem. So far no luck. I can’t seem to be able to zero the center spike of the DMR test tone


  2. I’ll add to my previous post. I now have the MMDVM working correctly for DMR and YSF, I still need to check D-Star. I would love to see your SvxLink interface so I can add Echolink to the mix

  3. Hello KK4JIM
    I’m F4CXQ Herve.
    I am very interested in your adaptation of the MMDVM on TKR850.
    Our regional relay F1ZJV, is a TKR751E European version VHF it will also be modified to work in DMR and ANALOG.
    I am very interested in your work!
    Thank you for future information

    What is your name ?
    73’s Herve F4CXQ

  4. Can you tell me what MMDVM device you used, or how you came about your decision on what to use for the MMDVM interface?
    I believe all of the use a RPi of some sort, then a MMDVM board fo choosing. I’m just not sure if there are many to choose from or not.

    Going to attempt to re-create your TKR-850/MMDVM repeater for another one here in town!

  5. I have questions about younrx levelsmout ofnthe repeater. Would you sharenyour current values (knowing mine will be somewhat different) so I can try and get to the ballpark.
    Also.. I am unable to get enough audio out in narrow band to reliabley get ghis repeater to tx and be decoded by my portables. Even when cranking the TXA and TXD values. I’ve resorted to trying wide band at another hams suggestion, and it works. At least now I can rx time slots 1 and 2. Thoughts on this?

    I am running the newest Pi Hat on RPi3.

    Thanks formyour thoughts and help! Great write up, and easy tomget this far,
    Rod / KC7AAD


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